Our Educators

Sulam's employs over 600 professional staff members including certified Special Education Experts, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Therapists specially trained in DIR Floortime, Licensed Certified Social Workers, and Psychologists as well as Para-Professionals.

Sulam is committed to the professional development of our staff, encourages their continued education and provides quarterly staff training days.

Additionally Sulam has a team of over 20 full time and many more part time volunteers, including those doing their National Service ( Sherut Liumi)

Sulam has an overall Management Board that comprises of three trustees and is registered as a nonprofit in Israel as well as in the United States, Switzerland and England.  The board meets four times a year to discuss all budget and capital development plans.  The heads of each department meet with their staff regularly to discuss overall progress and report back to the Head of Sulam.  The Chief Executive of Sulam meets with department directors bi-monthly to discuss progress and presents reports to the Trustees on a regular basis.

All of our educators combine professionalism, experience, expertise, dedication, love and warmth to bring out the best in every student in their care.