Our Mission


We believe that every person has a place and a contribution to make to society. Our mission is to enable children with disabilities to achieve their maximum functioning potential, the ultimate goal being successful integration into society.

To achieve this goal Sulam works in the following manner:


The children undergo intensive and comprehensive evaluation after which an individual therapy program is set up. Progress is evaluated three times a year.


Each child receives their individual program.
Therapies offered include speech and language development, physical, music, art, sport, DIR Floortime, and ABA.


Students with disabilities share activities and learn together with students without disabilities. They learn social skills and their confidence is boosted.


Sulam supports parents in lobbying for change in laws and attitudes, in order to be able to offer more services for their children with disabilities.


Parents receive the tools and information they need to help their children progress. Sulam provides one to one guidance, as well as quarterly support groups.