Adopt a child

The Israeli government funds a standard array of therapy for every child diagnosed with disabilities. In 2012, due to financial difficulties, they were forced to make across the board budget cuts, which heavily impacted the weakest sectors of society. Unfortunately, all children with disabilities now need many more therapy hours then allotted in order to make significant progress. 

The staff at Sulam has seen time and time again that the right amount of therapy can make all the difference in a child’s life.  Despite the difficulties, we give our children all the necessary therapies and services they need, no matter what the cost.

Over 30% of our preschoolers are mainstreamed into regular schools.

The secret to this success:

Intervention at the earliest age possible!  

עגול אמץ ילד סופי

Adopt a Child

You can help by sponsoring the therapies of a baby as young as 6 months. “Adopt a child” and build their world.