Sulam's Hydrotherapy Pool located in our Jerusalem branch has been operative since February of 2015.  Since its inception, the pool has been in use every day, for a full day, for both Sulam children in need of hydrotherapy, and for children and adults needing hydrotherapy, who reside in the area.

It's in this specially designed pool that many of our children splash their way to success. 

The warm water relaxes the muscles and allows students with physical and other disabilities more independence of movement, increased endurance, improved fine and gross motor skills as well as a boost of confidence and better social skills.  The pool provides a feeling of freedom and specially trained therapists help the students to reach milestones in all areas of development during these amazing sessions.

While the pool was fully donated, the program costs, especially the hydro-therapist salaries, are significant. The Regional Councils underwrite some of the cost, as do private donors and some participating parents. Sulam must provide the remaining funding.

עגול בריכה סופי


You can help a child splash their way to success