Performing Arts

Afikim, Sulam's school for girls, services students aged 6-17 with various disabilities. In addition to a school Afikim also serves as a haven for girls at risk. Many students, some due to their disabilities, have gone through severe neglect, abuse, and trauma. Our priority is to protect our students and prevent and stop the cycle of neglect and abuse.

One of the many tools being used in Afikim’s emotions therapy program is “performing arts and drama therapy.” Students are given individual and group sessions in drama, music, song and dance. Through the freedom of creative arts the girls release their personal tensions and struggles, work on social skills and learn to cooperate with their peers and teachers. Together the therapists and the girls make their way through the thickets of negativity and anger, and slowly reach the quieter paths of emotional health.

The highlight of the program is the “Graduation Show.” The girls put on an astounding performance for a large audience the result of years of work, both emotionally and creatively.


Performing arts program for children with disabilities

Performing Arts

Donate to our performing arts program for girl’s who are in Afikim.