Day Schools

Sulam's Day Schools service girls ages 6 - 17 with learning disabilities, and emotional, behavioral, and mental delays who may not fit into mainstream education due to their complex needs. Students are lovingly taught in small classes and are given individual and group therapy including Physical, Occupational, Speech and Animal Therapy. Sulam's unique approach is to focus on life skills encouraging responsibility, and commitment and promoting independence, integration and social skills.

Girls from Sulam attend classes in the regular education schools nearby to facilitate mainstreaming. Additionally high school students are trained for work with children and in the kitchen and laundry room of the Daycare Center. An average of 15% of our graduates is able to take their matriculation exams and find jobs upon their graduation.

Afikim Day School


Address: Rechov Yam Suf 36, Jerusalem

Principal:Devorah Fleigelman

Tel:02 633 8504

Fax: 02 581 7537


Ateres Bracha Day School


Address: Shamgar 7, Jerusalem

Principal:Bashi Bluming

Tel:02 633 8730

Fax: 02 502 1276