Integrated Daycare Centers

Sulam began over 30 years ago when Faigy Ernster began to accept children with disabilities into her private playgroup providing integration programs long before the word was fashionable. Sulam currently provides integration for babies in our daycare centers through programs for teenage students who are trained for work within Sulam and the wider community.

Sulam has been chosen by the Ministry of Welfare of the State of Israel to launch the revolutionary new project, "Back to Front" in Jerusalem.

The "Back to Front" project enables children with developmental delays, motor, language, or function difficulties to learn and grow together with other children in a regular classroom.

This program is offered in Meor Chaim's mainstream daycare center which services children aged 6 months to 3 years. . Approximately 10% of the children have disabilities and receive therapy services inside the regular classroom setting.

A yearly enrichment program is set up for each child, who receives the individual therapy needed, including physiotherapy, speech, occupational therapy, and emotional therapies with a social worker.

This program enables children with disabilities to narrow the gaps and eventually allow the children to be fully integrated in regular classrooms.

Integrated Day Care


Address: Shamgar 7, Jerusalem

Principal:Guli Eichen